• Granadella

    Where comfort meets passion and only the best is good enough.

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  • Havanna

    A new experience of the highest quality.

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Rio: an innovative headboard where design meets high functionality

Discover the revolutionary Swedish innovation that redefines what a headboard can be - our activity headboard. Rio is a beautiful, high-quality item that blends into every home with its elegant design. But, Rio is not like any other headboard. You will be intrigued by what is hidden behind its classic facade.


Swedish craftsmanship at the heart of every bed

We are proud to offer Swedish quality beds that represent the best in Swedish craft tradition and innovation.


Welcome to our unique world of beds!

Here, traditional manufacturing and modern functional design meet to create an experience you won't find anywhere else. Every bed is a promise of nights filled with quality sleep and unforgettable intimate moments. Experience the difference with a bed that not only supports your sleep, but also your relationship.

  • Nicole

    "Heard about the bed through a lady friend. We were skeptical about buying a bed online, but are glad we did. It gives us great sleep and allows for playfulness when we feel like it. Highly recommended!"

    Nicole bought Granadella 
  • Johan

    "Got the cheaper bed version with a headboard. The quality feels high and we sleep very well. Received the products after 3 weeks, even though it said 6-8 weeks on the website.


    Johan bought Havanna 
  • Emma

    "Recently bought a headboard in velvet. Very nice! Easy to attach to the wall. Really happy not to have to pull straps and ropes around bed legs but can easily attach them directly to the headboard."

    Emma bought Rio 
  • Susanna

    "Great classic headboard!"

    Susanna bought Rio 
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