About us

Our history

Welcome to Calblanque Beds - here we shape sleep and intimacy for an enjoyable and exciting experience.

It all started when our founders, with extensive experience in the bed industry, realized that despite the wide range of beds on the market, there was no bed that was specifically designed to be adapted for both a good sleep and intimacy. There and then the vision was born to create something unique that was missing on the market.

The insight became the starting point for Calblanque Beds. We decided to combine uncompromising comfort and advanced technology to create beds that not only meet the highest demands for sleep quality, but also offer a unique place to strengthen your bonds.


Our beds

Our beds are not just beds. They are a place where passion and comfort meet, created to enhance and deepen the most intimate moments without compromising comfort. Each bed is carefully designed with a seamless design, extra corner springs, and a robust reinforced steel frame along the sides - optimal for both sleep intimacy. Unique to our beds are the discreet mounts hidden in the headboard, which offer a spectrum of possibilities to explore and enjoy with a partner, all while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and inviting bedroom environment.

All our beds are manufactured in Sweden, which guarantees the highest quality and craftsmanship. This local production is at the heart of our commitment to innovation, combining traditional manufacturing methods with modern design and unique functions. The fact that our beds are Swedish-made not only means that we support local craftsmanship and industry, but also that we can make sure that every detail meets our standards for quality and comfort.

Our beds represent a fusion between functionality and aesthetics, designed to give you the perfect conditions to share unforgettable moments together. With a bed from us, you don't just get a place to sleep, but a whole world of possibilities to explore together.